A day in the life of a Library Champion

Louis Erasmus is a Library Champion. One week after training was complete, he had a sizeable list of outreach accomplishments under his belt and continues to show no sign of slowing down. Louis’ highlights so far include both personal encounters and online communications. 

Louis shared information about BC Libraries and services with his sister-in-law and provided her with cards and brochures for her to pass along to her Filipino friends and colleagues. She gave him an list of email contacts all of whom he connected with.  

He struck up conversation with a Filipino man at a bus stop to offer information about libraries and services. This man was keen on the info Louis provided about the job-related services available.  On the bus, Louis approached an Indonesian man and struck up a conversation about the ESL services availableat the library that could assist this man’s search for employment in the field of teaching.

He posted information about BC Libraries and services on various forums for Canadian immigrantsincluding the Community Guides for ‘Surrey Newcomers Group – Surrey, BC’, ‘Surrey, BC’, and ‘ESL Conversation Group – Surrey, BC’.

He contacted various Christian Churches through personal phone calls and asked for brochures to be placed on church notice/bulletin boards in order to share with others. He also emailed NewToBC brochures to these organizations, customizing the email to the language best suited: English, Arabic, Filipino, Korean, Chinese, Spanish, Hindi, Punjabi, Gujarati and Persian. He plans to continue this approach with Indian and Islamic religious and community organizations as well. 

Louis has been a phenomenal asset to the Library Champion Program. Originally from South Africa, he came to Canada to start a new life with his wife 5 years ago. His training is IT related, but he is exploring possibility of library related work. He was made aware of the Library Champions project through his job-developer and saw this as a great opportunity to help others with similar challenges as the ones he faced when he first settled in Canada.

More information about the Library Champions project, or becoming a Library Champion, can be found on the NewToBC website, Facebook and Twitter


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