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  1. Amanda Wu says:

    topic: 1 professional immigrants found a job because of your influence on me!

    Hello J, (a new member of South Delta NewComers & Alumni)

    I have to thank you for your great influence on me which you yourself may not recognize it. I am the coordinator of a group “PIC-ME” (Professional Immigrants Conquer Market Employment” with 14 members and 3 group guests. I hosted a pot-luck party to celebrate 3 of us found a full-time job and 1 with part-time job last Sunday. When I heard 2 of them kept saying thank-you to me and another 1 thank another member, I thought actually you are the one brought me into the volunteering with thrift store in Ladner. I introduced an immigrant I met at the job workshop to volunteer there but she ended up volunteering at the thrift store in Richmond due to transportation cost was not affordable as she lives in Richmond. When she had 3 interviews with Vancity, they require 3 references from “work.” The thrift store supervisor and colleague saved her. The supervisor happened to retire from Vancity and told the interviewer over the phone “If you don’t hire her, I don’t know who else you’re gonna hire!” Her sister is volunteering there too and their executives are asking her to make brochures. She thanked me for the opportunity as well.

    I forget to mention that there were 2,000 applicants for that customer service job of Vancity. Usually 4 times more difficult for immigrants to find a job than the local citizens. It was really something to her, her family, and our PIC-ME group so that I have to mention.

    Hello C (an alumni member of South Delta NewComers & Alumni),

    Without your famous visiting Vancouver, I would not have had the chance talking to J and touched by her insistent attitudes toward thrift store in Ladner. The lady may still be looking for a job with frustration. Me, like many other NewComer ladies, admire your energy, volunteering enthusiasm, ability of handling various activities all the time, and knowledge of Vancouver histories. I thank you so much!

    Hello M (president of South Delta NewComers & Alumni)

    Without your excellent leading NewComers & Alumni, I would not have joined so much activities, met so many fine ladies, and learned so much about local culture. Indirectly you helped the lady find a job and also her family of 3 other members resolved the financial difficulty. I thought you would be glad to know this and feel rewarded for all the efforts you have made for this organization. I, on behalf of our PIC-ME members, thank you from the bottom of my heart.


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